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Together We Can Make A Difference.


Looking for volunteers? Or are you looking to volunteer yourself? Our goal is to connect events looking for assistance and those that are looking to help out at events.

Every great charity event has a great group of helpers behind it to make it successful.

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Another one of our goals is to connect those who are looking to work at a charity, with charities that are in need of help. Whether short term or long term work, we hope to help make a connection.

From those with little to no experience all the way up to charity CEO, let’s make a match.

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Red Cross

The Red Cross of Manitoba is a pillar of the community. Click the link below to learn more and visit their website.


Red Cross Charity Page

What We Do

Winnipeg Charity Events is a non-profit website that is looking to make a change. Not only do we want to help promote charity events, but we want to help the event be successful. We want to promote the events to people all over Winnipeg, and/or help find people to give a hand with the events.

What Would We Like?

All we ask for in return is that you share our website. Whether a person website, corporate website, your charity website, or even social media. The more our website is shared, the more help we can deliver.

Have a great day 🙂

Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.
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